GD Energy Services (GDES) is a Spanish family-owned Group with international expertise in nuclear maintenance, surface treatments, decommissioning, services for the wind power industry, radiation protection, logistics, power grids maintenance and emergency response.


Its degree of diversification positions the group as one of the companies with the most promising outlook in the energy market (nuclear, fossil and renewable, petrochemical and gas).


GDES, founded in 1932, currently has a workforce of more than 2.100 professionals worldwide. This is a highly qualified customer-orientated team that provides added value solutions adapted to the specific needs of each project.


With its strong commitment to research, development and innovation, GDES has established itself as a pioneering company in technological developments adapted to specific projects and needs.


One of its main areas of growth is in its commitment to technological development and innovation with the aim of extending its operational field, strengthening continuous improvement and maintaining its support to clients whenever new needs arise.