—Thank to the commitment, talent and teamwork of all their professionals, GDES continuously strives to be a better company, more sustainable and more efficient, always on the look out for talent to promote its national and international expansion.—

General Services

José Dominguis Renard


Héctor Dominguis Pérez


Sandra Sáez Tomás

Director of Economic and Information Technology

Beatriz Masa Ciudad

Director of Organization, Talent Management and Legal Counsel

José Ramón Ferrer Tormos

Finance Director

Jesús E. Lacalle Bayo

Director of Innovation & Technology

Julián Mendoza García

Quality and Safety Director (QHSE)

Amparo Company Sánchez

Human Resources Director

Enrique Ferre Vidal

Information Systems Director

Nelia Martínez Peral

Proposal Project Support Director

Michele Mataloni

Sales and Marketing Director

José Antonio Noguera Murillo

Corporate Management Control Director

Operational Unit

José Tomás Ruiz Martínez

Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Bermúdez de Castro Muñoz

Wind B.U. Director

Antonio Andrés Esteban

Logistics B.U. Director

Vassil Gueorguiev Hristov Georgiev

Power Grid B.U. Director

Antonio Martínez Pulgarín

O&M Support Services Director

Marceliano Curiel Nieva

Decommissioning Service Director

Iván Maqueda Iglesias

Surface Treatment Services Director

Arturo Pascual Rubio

Thermal Protection Services Director

Benjamín Mora Bastida

Radiological Protection Services Director