Main decommissioning Support Services:



•Provision of Decommissioning Operatives to the Dounreay Site
•Decommissioning, Deplanting and Dismantling Study of a
•Resilience Review
•Provision of engineering support



•Provision of Decommissioning Operatives to the Winfrith Site
•Sodium Recovery, Repackaging & Disposal


Dounreay Wood Alliance

GDES Ltd has recently been invited to partner exclusively with 3 leading UK nuclear companies in a new consortium set up to tender for new turn-key projects and framework opportunities at Dounreay. Participation in this alliance demonstrates the reputation GDES Ltd has gained as a reliable supplier of choice to DSRL and the supply chain, and gives us the opportunity to consolidate our position in Dounreay and elsewhere on the NDA Estate.


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